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Which NFL Teams Beat The Spread? DraftKings Sportsbook Has The Answer

DraftKings Sportsbook has all the stats you need if you’re interested in NJ sports betting. Here are the top five teams that beat the spread in Week 11, as well as the worst five teams that didn’t cover.

Week 11 Best Rank Out Of 32 TeamsTeam
1NE Patriots
2KC Chiefs
3NY Giants
4LA Rams
5PHI Eagles
Week 11 Worst Rank Out Of 32 TeamsTeam
28MIA Dolphins
29ARI Cardinals
30TB Buccaneers
31TEN Titans
32BUF Bills

And if you want to see the top five best and top five worst teams at covering the spread through the entire season, DraftKings Sportsbook has you covered there as well:

2018 Season Best Rank Out Of 32 TeamsTeam
1KC Chiefs
2OAK Raiders
3NO Saints
4LA Rams
5HOU Texans
2018 Season Worst Rank Out Of 32 TeamsTeam
28CLE Browns
29DET Lions
30BUF Bills
31DAL Cowboys
32TEN Titans

For those who are interested in handle percentage, especially for the wild Monday Night Football matchup between the Rams and the Chiefs that had the Rams come out on top, 54-51, DraftKings has that information. Those who are interested in sports betting, handle percentage refers to the total amount wagered by bettors over a given time at a sportsbook. This differs from revenue, which is the amount a sportsbook keeps from the total handle after they’re finished paying out the winners. As you can see, the handle percentage from Week 11’s Monday Night Football matchup skewed heavily toward one team.

However, that one team wound up falling to the Rams when all was said and done.

OfferPickHandle %
Money LineKC Chiefs85%
Money LineLA Rams15%

Big Winners At DraftKings Sportsbook!

Players were winning big on the DraftKings Sportsbook App this past week, based on a report furnished by DraftKings. Check out some of the numbers here!

– One player made bank with just a $5 bet, as betting on the NBA paid off with a three-leg parlay that paid out $1,654!

– Working a nine-leg parlay that weaved bets from college football and the NBA got another player a $653 win off a $2 bet!

– That wasn’t even the biggest hit of the week though, as one wise player worked their magic by cashing out on the 10th leg of their 11-leg parlay, netting them $342 on just a $1 bet. And just in a nick of time too, because the 11th leg lost!

Wins like these and so many others is why sports betting in New Jersey is taking off with the use of the DraftKings Sportsbook App and now even more with new DraftKings Sportsbook Pools. It’s easier than ever to win big on small bets!