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PokerStars & BetStars NJ Launches Star Rewards To Its Players

Last week started off great for PokerStars and BetStars NJ players, as they saw the official launch of the Stars Rewards loyalty program. Any players involved with PokerStars Casino, the BetStars NJ sportsbook and, of course, the brand’s online poker platform will have the chance to earn special rewards. This includes online casino gaming on the PokerStars app and sports betting on the BetStars app.

PokerStars And BetStars NJ Rewards Program

There’s a lot more to the story, but the rule of thumb for the PokerStars and BetStars NJ loyalty program is pretty simple – you get one reward point for each cent you spend on rake or tournament fees.

What are the Stars reward points for? Well, here is where the guidelines start unraveling in the manner of a Russian nesting doll. Each reward point gets you closer to a Stars Rewards Chest. In turn, every four Stars Rewards Chests won on the same day get you a level up. A higher level means a higher reward.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what the rewards actually are. Truth is, they’re not a constant either. First of all, the number of rewards you get can be nearly doubled during special bonuses called boosting periods. Next, the rewards themselves are personalized to your gaming preferences. Say you’ve spent a lot of time on a particular slot – a reward with new opportunities on that slot will appear in your Stars Rewards Chest.

The reward you might be most psyched to find in your chest is probably the kind you can redeem for cash – the StarsCoin. Depending on the level you’ve reached in the Rewards Program, it might be worth anywhere between $0.07 and $1,000. These are respectively the lowest and highest level rewards.

In the end, you don’t know what might end up in your Rewards Chest. This makes the initiative feel a lot more like a lottery, which will probably end up being a lot more entertaining to gamblers than an ordinary VIP rewards program.

Starting Out With A $250,000 Bang

PokerStars want their new launch to make the headlines and are going about it just the right way. As of last week, all three of the brand’s gaming platforms started hosting a major real money play via the Stars Rewards program.

Poker, casino and sportsbook bettors can now all expect the $1,000 cash prize popping up in their Chests since PokerStars spread out 250 of them at random!

All players need to do to win a share of the $250,000 is to join the program through the PokerStars NJ app and play long enough to earn any number of Chests. The randomized promotion means the $1,000 prize might show up even in the Chests of casual players at lower levels!

Starting November 7, the promotion will run as long as PokerStars sees fit – possibly until the $250,000 is given out.

NJ Sportsbooks Are Becoming The Focus Of PokerStars

Online poker is gradually delivering less and less profits to gaming providers each year. The Stars Group’s financial report from September shows that poker revenue has dropped not only in New Jersey, but globally as well. The brand made 3.9% less from online poker worldwide in this quarter than they did for the same period last year.

Perhaps The Stars Group, the parent company of PokerStars, would be a lot more shaken up about it if it weren’t for the 73.6% increase in overall revenue during the past year. Why’s that? Well, NJ sportsbooks certainly have a lot to do with it.

BetStars NJ, the company’s offering to the booming world of NJ sports betting, has been doing tremendously on the market. Sports betting revenue has grown by 5%, as opposed to a whopping 27% drop in online poker revenue. Now the company is focusing just as much on their most recently launched platform BetStars NJ as they do on their original product – and with good reason.

Another good thing The Stars Group had going these past few months was their latest acquisition. The brand successfully bought Sky Betting & Gaming, which according to their CEO Rafi Ashkenazi shot them right to the throne of number one UK online betting and gaming provider.