Fanduel Sportsbook

Fanduel Sportsbook Review

Without a moment to spare, FanDuel, one of the most prominent daily fantasy sports companies, managed to clear their five day soft launch period and successfully take their sportsbook live on September 5th, 2018 in time for the 2018-19 NFL season.

Fanduel has been operating as a fantasy sports platform since 2009, and are fast evolving to match a dramatically changing gaming market in the US. September 2018, was the first time that Fanduel accepted a true sports bet, thanks to New Jersey legalizing online sports betting, whereas previously, they’ve only offered daily fantasy competitions.

Fanduel Sportsbook Deposit Bonus

New players on the FanDuel platform can receive up to a $100 match in their first deposit – a very attractive feature.

Fanduel Sportsbook Editor’s Review So Far

FanDuel Sportsbook debuted at Meadowlands Racetrack a few months ago and has made a good impression with a brilliant, sleek platform which offers a variety of bets and sports. It’s easy to use and competitive.

The deposit bonus is attractive, but at only $100 deposit match, it’s a fraction of what’s offered by Sugarhouse Sportsbook ($250) and Betstars ($500).

Fanduel Sportsbook Betting Platform

The FanDuel landbased sportsbook was launched at Meadowlands Racetrack on 14 July 2018, and while an app or an online platform is not yet available, they should be released shortly.

Backed by Paddy Power Betfair, the European Gaming giant, FanDuel has considerable support for future growth and development in the USA.

The Betting Platform

One assumes that FanDuel’s online sportsbook, once released, will be similar to that of its parent company Paddy Power Betfair, which is hugely popular in the UK and Europe. We anticipate a web based and mobile sports betting app to be released in the near future.

Its unlikely that the DFS app will be the same as the sports betting app, so keep an eye out of that.

What will I be able to bet on at FanDuel Sportsbook?

  • NFL
  • College football
  • Major League Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Auto racing
  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • Mixed martial arts
  • NBA
  • College basketball
  • NHL
  • Golf

With more additions to come in the future, no doubt.

What kinds of bets will I be able to place at the FanDuel Sportsbook?

Bets should be no different to what one might usuall y anticipate at other online sportsbooks –

  • Proposition bets/ Totals:With totals, gamers bet whether the number of points/runs/etc. will be under or over the total set by the sportsbook.
  • Futures:Betting  on who will win a future event.
  • In-play:Bets that take place during the sporting event and these could be on performances with in the game or odds on point spreads or moneylines.
  • Point spreads:The sportsbook determines a number of points that the various teams will lose or win by, and bettors wager accordingly.
  • Moneyline: Betting on who will win a determined game

Can I bet on FanDuel Sportsbook Outside of New Jersey?

Regrettably, one will need to be physically present in New Jersey to play on their platform. Offering sports betting outside of the state would require the betting platform to have a license for those states individually.

Partnerships are in place in West Virginia and New York for further expansion of their operations though.

Fanduel Daily Fantasy Sports

The sport selection offered by FanDuel keeps improving and their loyalty program, ease of use for beginners and a generous first-deposit bonus makes them an excellent daily sports fantasy site.  

Fanduel Sportsbook Promotions

These take the form of a Cashback offerings and Tournaments for VIP players:

Cashback: how it works

You’re incentivized to buy into real-money contest by a loyalty award points system. Every dollar is matched by the awarding of FanDuel Points i.e. $1 = 2400 FDP’sW

Guaranteed Tournaments:

As you play and accumulate FDP’s, so your ranking is enhanced on the 11 tier ladder. Every tier awards players access to monthly or weekly contests or both. Here is the breakdown of the reward structure

  • Free agent– 50 FDPs – $250 monthly guarantee – $50 weekly guarantee
  • Practice Squad– 250 – $500 – $125
  • Reserve– 250 – $1,000 – $200
  • Prospect– 500 – $2,000 – $400
  • MVP– 25,000 – $25,000 – none
  • Hall of Famer– 125,000 – $25,000 – none
  • Legend– 600,000 – $25,000 – none
  • GOAT– 2,500,000 – $25,000 – none
  • Rookie– 1,250 – $3,000 – $500
  • Pro– 2,500 – $4,000 – $750
  • All-Star– 7,500 – $7,000 – $1,000

Additional incentives include VIP treatment and access to exclusive promotions  and bonuses.

Fanduel Daily Fantasy Sports Contests

There are a total of eight options available on FanDuel –

  • Multipliers tournaments: you can win a multiple of the entry price
  • Head to heads: a one-on-one format with the winner claiming the entire prize pool
  • Low-cap tournaments: 3 to 100 players
  • Tournaments: These are guaranteed prize pools which go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Beat the score: the prize pool is shared between all teams reaching a minimum score
  • 50/50s: top 50% of participating teams earn winnings
  • Beginner tournaments: strictly for inexperienced players with “inexperienced” defined as a player who has participated in fewer than 50 games
  • Satellites: win entries to bigger games

FanDuel Sports Betting Is Available For The Following Sports

The following list is accurate as of June 2018

  • PGA
  • Nascar
  • Golf
  • WNBA
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • Soccer
  • MLB

 Daily Fantasy – Creation of your own custom contests

Simply click on the green “create contest” button on the lobby page on the FanDuel site to create your own custom game. Then proceed as follows…

  1. Select a sport of your choice and a date
  2. Choose whether your game should be private or public
  3. How many players do you envisage? Choose either head-to-head and 3-20 players
  4. Create an entry price. In multiple player option, the maximum price is $100; while for heads-up it can range all the way up to $10 600 from zero
  5. Create a prize structure. “Winner takes all” is the only option for head-to head betting. For multiplayer contests, you have three choices: “winner takes all,” “top three get prizes,” and “top one third receives payouts.”

This is a simple and seamless process done on a single interface page.

Free Guaranteed Contests

The FanDuel VIP program is made up of 11 levels, the first two of which are particularly easy for beginners:

  • Free Agent:a minimum of $10 in monthly entry purchases
  • Practice Squad:a minimum of $50 in entries required

Reaching the “Free Agent status” gives you access to one $250-guaranteed and four $50-guaranteed tournaments.

Reaching “Practice Squad status” gives you access to one $500 and four $125 tournaments

Training opportunities

All sports are covered in the FanDuel training camps on their website. NASCAR is the most recent addition. Every guide lists the maximum number of players allowed per lineup, detailed scoring information, the sport’s salary cap and hints and tips.

How do I deposit to FanDuel?

Instant deposits are available via credit card or PayPal, with monthly deposits limited to $10 000, unless players are located in Tennessee, Maryland & Massachusettes, in which case the following limits apply:

  • Tennessee – limited to $1,000 per month
  • Maryland and Massachusetts – limited to $2,500 per month

Limits can be increased via application to the support team, but be ready to verify your income to qualify.

How do I withdraw my winnings from FanDuel?

There are two methods currently available – winnings can be withdrawn via PayPal (which takes an average of 2 days) or FanDuel will issue a bank cheque dispatched by mail. Note that cheque withdrawals are uncapped while the maximum withdrawal via Pay Pal is $10 000.

Anti-corruption compliance and FanDuel

Fanduel is committed to upholding anti-money laundering laws.

Accordingly, FanDuel reserves the right to block the withdrawal of suspicious looking deposits made without transactions having taken place against the amounts. Criminals are known for attempting to launder money as winnings on gaming platforms and FanDuel monitors suspicious activity for that reason.

When requesting your first withdrawal, you will be asked to provide your social security number. FanDuel will then run this number to verify your identity. Random identity checks are also done at management’s discretion which may involve you being requested to provide proof of your identity or a recent utility bill.

Withdrawals exceeding $600 in a year will require FanDuel to file a 1099-MISC income form on your behalf.

Money-back guarantee

FanDuel refunds deposits of up to a maximum of $100.

In order to qualify, you will be required to file a refund request within 24 hours of your first real-money contest.

Following the amount being refunded, your account will be suspended. To re-open your account, you will need to contact Support and agree to pay back the refunded amount.

Online Safety

Data between FanDuel and players is encrypted using a 256-bit SSL key at all times.

Who can play?

To place sports bets at Fanduel Sportsbook, you must be 21 or older, and physically in the State of New Jersey. To play Daily Fantasy Contests, all citizens 18 or older are eligible to open an account, unless they are employees of a DFS site, in which case they may not engage in real-money games on FanDuel.

Residents of Massachusetts need to be 21 or older to qualify for accounts due to legal state stipulations.

Responsible gaming

If at any time you are concerned about your gaming behiour, you can log into FanDuel’s on-site tools to reduce your gambling activity. These include setting daily or monthly limits on

  • Deposits
  • Maximum number of games entered
  • Maximum price of a single entries

Fanduel Customer Support

FanDuel offers support via Live Chat or using an online contact form. Live Chat is available from 8am to 8pm Eastern Time.

No telephonic support is currently available.