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NJ Sports Betting Offers For NBA Season Opener Were Hot!

Clouds on the horizon point to the NBA’s opening day. From this evening on moving forward, the first games set in motion onto the 82-game schedule for each of the 30 teams. Against this background, celebrations are accompanied by the promotions offered for all ball fanatics courtesy of three sites based in New Jersey. NJ Sports betting online has been a revelation – a thrilling way for fans to have some skin in the game making every match mean so much more.

DraftKings Sportsbook NJ

DraftKings, hailed as daily fantasy sports giants, stamped their prominence by becoming the first online sportsbook in New Jersey. They made their mark in the Garden State during their initial stint standing alone as the only online sportsbook, over three consecutive weeks also.

Undeniably, there are exceptional upsides and precursorship for the market’s forerunners, especially if it wasn’t for their brand power. Presumably, DraftKings Sportsbook maintaining position atop the revenue figures for New Jersey comes as no surprise.

$100 Risk-Free NBA Bet

You’d swear that the site purposefully starves the public with promotions for a long stretch of time until they’re overweighed with a ton to load off in valuable heaps. Participants for tonight’s NBA opener are lining up for a lulu. Check out the working principle:

  • Place any singles bet on an NBA game that played (Oct. 16) or (Oct. 17).
  • DraftKings will credit your account for any losses up to $100.

Evidently, this shows that the promotion is worth all your time and chances you can give, or learn more about DraftKings Sportsbook. Otherwise, the town has a lot more games to offer apart from DraftKings.

FanDuel Sportsbook NJ

FanDuel is currently hitting an underperforming stint likened to their leading rivals in the New Jersey sports betting market. Crossing fingers that the NBA betting promotions will uplift the pioneers of daily fantasy sports.

Local Locks

For relationships between fans and their teams, there’s always a possibility for a win or lose outcome, either way, both need cheering. FanDuel prepares the Local Locks promotion for Knicks and Nets diehards who need exactly that after their first encounters.

Check how it works:

  • Make a money line bet on the Knicks or the Nets before their respective games begin.
  • If the bet happens to lose, FanDuel Sportsbook will refund up to $100 of it.

Due to their lack of options, New Jersey natives aren’t conditioned well to dealing with club loyalty, unlike the way Knicks and Nets unconditionally wouldn’t fall into fickleness.

FanDuel holds high respect and empathy for fans who are invested in the teams.

3-Point Bonus

If you have witnessed encounters between Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City you will understand the 3-point fest that gets the fans on the edge of their seats. FanDuel urges that you don’t stay outside the winners’ circle and missing from a long range.

Here’s how it works:

  • Place a moneyline bet of $25 or more on the Warriors-Thunder game before it starts.
  • For every three-pointer your team makes, FanDuel will credit your account with $5.
  • You’ll have your funds within 72 hours of the game.

The break-even point is marked when your team scores a minimum of 5 three-pointers, and that goes for anyone who is out of the red. Nonetheless, you know how it usually goes when you have the likes of Russell Westbrooks clinching shots from every angle.

The King

You know it’s a glorious occasion when Lil’ Wayne amongst other megastars buy property in Hollywood to be able to watch LeBron James every weekend. Recorded as one of the biggest off-season transfers in history, LeBron signs with the Los Angeles Lakers traditionally to join the clubs hall of fame stature.

As one would expect from the four-time MVP, hopes are raised high to get the Lakers back on their winning ways. Therefore, in light of his debut, FanDuel offers bettors the following:

  • Place a moneyline wager of$50 or more on the Blazers-Lakers game before it tips off on  18.
  • Every point that LeBron scores will yield $3 in your FanDuel account.

Owning the center of the spotlight in LA is a staple, especially when a lot is tested to those who are given. Let us see if LeBron will define a new era for the City of Angels.

BetStars NJ

Although BetStars NJ is still newly-drafted into New Jersey, upon sharing the same expertise in launching PokerStars in New Jersey they have a lot of experience tips to offer when it comes to customer service.

LeBron Lifeline

Who isn’t aiming to capitalize off LeBron LA transfer sensation? BetStars also play into their position in support of King James.

In any event, BetStars’ role is a mediator’s stance compared to others with high hopes for the star’s game-changeability. Here are the details on the LeBron LifeLine.

  • Place a moneyline bet on any Lakers game this season.
  • If the Lakers lost, but LeBron scores more than 35 points, FanDuel will give you a Free Bet up to $20.
  • Make sure you use the Free Bet within seven days after receiving it.

Either way, which side the coin lands, this bet gives you enough reasons to make it your proud choice.

NBA Overtime Offer

BetStars final offer is duck soup, even though an overtime loss is a sudden death on both fans and the team.

The advantage of this bet is that it is undemanding regardless of your attached strings. A brief outline of how the NBA Overtime offer works basically indicates:

  • Place a moneyline bet on any NBA game.
  • If your team loses in overtime, BetStars will credit your account with up to $20 in a Free Bet.

This offer is open and limited to 5 attempts in a given week. A feasible undertaking if you ask me, a couple of defeated overtimes as opposed to potentially earning a $100 in Free Bets from BetStars.