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Golden Nugget Offers Two New Crazy-Bonus Online Slot Games

This week is already starting out in the most exciting way, Golden Nugget Online Casino is launching two new slot games and that means new bonuses and jackpots are coming your way.

Play Crazy Money II At Golden Nugget Online Casino

The new Golden Nugget Online Casino slot game, Crazy Money II may initially make your head spin, but you will end up getting a run for your money. The symbols used in the slot are dollar bills, from $1 to $500, and some are turned upside down, a few are at an angle (Angle PayLins), while others are folded in half.

Like most slots, Crazy Money II has a Bonus Scatter symbol which activates the Money Wheel Bonus. There are eight different sections in the wheel and a prize to be won in each, all depending on how many Scatter symbols you managed to score.

Three symbols will get you either a Mint or a Money Catch Bonus and the maximum amount it can multiply your bet by is 10x. The same applies for 4 symbols, only then your prizes start from 2.5x your bet, not from 1x. 5 Scatter symbols guarantee you either a Mint or a Money Catch Bonus.

Now is the time to let you in on what the Money Catch and Mint bonuses actually are. The Money Catch Bonus challenges you to try and catch as much “bills” as you can in order to add it to your total amount.

On the other side, the Mint Bonus has a more intriguing concept. It uses a different reel set from the actual game and it starts off by giving you twelve spins for free. The ultimate goal is to unlock the Progressive Jackpot bonus – progressive because it starts from Little Crazy, then More Crazy, Major Crazy, only to end at the Super Crazy Jackpot bonus. To unlock any of these, you’d have to be betting $10 – Max Bet.

The overall stats for Crazy Money II are as follows: you get five reels with 15 paylines, four progressive jackpots and three bonus games. The bets allowed a range from 20 cents to $10 and the maximum payout possible is $230,000. It looks like Golden Nugget Online Casino has fulfilled both parts of the game’s title!

NJ Online Casino Brings A New Challenge With Daimyo

NJ Online Casino, Games Lab is bringing a new Asian-themed slot game to our mobile devices. The symbols deliver a warrior feel, but what is more important than their look is what they can do for your bet!

Starting with the Gold Mask, which acts like all your familiar “wild” symbols, it completes a line of symbols by substituting for any missing one. You should look for the Gold Mask Wild on Reel #3, and with good reason, because if you hit, your line pay gets tripled!

The next symbol you need to know about is the gong, which is your usual scatter symbol. Even if you don’t get a complete line of gongs, two are enough to get you a free spin on the reels that don’t hold special symbols (say a Gold Mask Wild). However, if you do get a gong symbol on your first three reels, you enter the Bonus Game! Once you’re in it, there are many ways your luck might go.

For one, you could win an Extra Wilds Feature, which grants you 20 free games. Those are meant for a separate reel set, which will feature a Silver Mask Wild on any of the reels, excluding the third.

The real exciting bonus game is the Mighty Daimyo Feature. In this scenario, you get only nine free games and a shot at the Win-Win Feature. The award is a 10x multiplier of your total bet. The interesting part is that if you don’t land any Gold Mask Wild symbols on reel three and end up not winning anything during the entire Mighty Daimyo Feature, the Win-Win Feature ensures you won’t leave the bonus game empty-handed. In fact, your bet ends up multiplied by 100. And that’s why they call it a Win-Win!

The last feature of the game you need to know about is the Shogun Feature, which grants you six free games with Gold Mask Wild symbols a constant in reel three. All bonus features guarantee free games that can be retriggered. The bets for this slot game range from 50 cents to $200, with a maximum payout of $250,000.