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First Sports Betting Integrity Group Launches In United States

Sports Wagering Integrity Monitoring Association established to combat fraud and monitor the budding sports betting environment for all states and associated casinos.

With the quick growth of the US sports betting industry after the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 was struck down by the Supreme Court in May, the need for an impartial entity to oversee the operations and the sportsbook operators grew as well. The Sports Wagering Integrity Monitoring Association was created as a not-for-profit organization by sportsbooks in the US to create a hub for people to relay information about bets that may be deemed suspicious to them and allow them to relay that alert to regulators around the US.

The sportsbook operators so far to form this new entity include:

These members will fund SWIMA and cooperate with risk management experts to call out any suspicious betting and activity, alerting sportsbooks in the US through the group.

George Rover, who was an assistant attorney general and gaming regular in New Jersey, is now the chief integrity officer of SWIMA. New Jersey is a key player in legalized sports betting in the US, as NJ sports betting has taken off and has given many other states a guideline to form their own legal sports betting.

Rover states that SWIMA wants to create a safe and secure place for US sports betting and protect the integrity of sports itself. SWIMA would identify any weaknesses in the upholding of sports integrity and would help to negate any profiting from abuse of the sports betting environment. Rover commented, “The new group will let member sportsbook operators from any state submit information about suspicious wagers to a central hub and alert regulators in many states, not just their own.”

SWIMA To Oversee Legalized Sports Betting States

Senior vice president of public affairs for the American Gaming Association, Sarah Slane, states that, “The formation of SWIMA serves as another important milestone toward realizing the benefits of a legal, regulated sports betting market in the US, which provides robust consumer protection, increased transparency and additional tax revenues for state and local governments. The announcement comes at a critical time as dozens of states and sovereign tribal nations are poised to pursue legal sports betting in 2019.”

Legalized sports betting is currently available in the following states that SWIMA would oversee, with many more looking to make sports betting legal in 2019 as sports wagering in the US expands rapidly: