DraftKings Sportsbook Is About To Receive Its Two Millionth Wager
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DraftKings Sportsbook Is About To Receive Its Two Millionth Wager

Тhis week, Jason Robins, the CEO of DraftKings spoke for CNN International, declaring the launch of DraftKings’ sportsbook mobile app in New Jersey. Truth is, even Robins wasn’t expecting the huge success that the first mobile product of NJ sports betting will achieve.

As it turns out, sports betting is getting even more popular and the demand is increasing at such a fast pace, that even the most optimistic predictions were surpassed. The proof of that is the fact that only two weeks after bet number 1 000 000, DraftKings Sportsbook will most likely receive its wager number 2 000 000.

The Reasons Behind DraftKings Sportsbook’s Success

DraftKings Sportsbook teamed up with Atlantic City’s Resorts to enter the Garden State market, soon after NJ sports betting became legal with the decision of the US Supreme Court.

Robins recognized the chance after the opening and took it right away. Everyone can take advantage of a new and fast-developing market, as long as he has the right tools and partners.

NJ Sports betting was available in the beginning of August 2018, overtaking the start of NFL and college football season, DraftKings Sportsbook’s mobile product was the first of its kind in New Jersey.

It was no wonder, that it gained the impressing income of 3 000 000 dollars in the month it was launched. Just one month later, the NJ sports betting site received its one-millionth bet.  

DraftKings’ CEO stated in his interview for CNN, that the mobile sportsbook is now awaiting its 2 millionth wager, all this just two weeks after bet number 1 000 000.

NFL Isn’t The Only Thing Responsible For The Growth

Jason Robins confirmed that the start of the NFL led to nearly 100, 000 wagers per day. Although DraftKings’ online sportsbook was already developing fast, its peak was reached after the beginning of the football season.

Other traders and gambling sites were also expecting a profit increase after the beginning of NFL. That is why most of them moved their operations with urgent haste, to catch the wave before kick off.

But According to DraftKings’ chief executive officer, NFL was just one of the reasons for the huge success of DraftKings Sportsbook. Thanks to the fact they were ready months before the SCOTUS resolution, they were able to have a working product before everyone else. This allowed the mobile sportsbook to stay one step ahead of the competition.

The CEO confirmed for CNN that DraftKings аre a demand-driven company, striving to offer the best market solution. He described the NJ sports betting opportunity as full of qualities, that might be known in Europe, but are brand new for gamblers in the United States, who haven’t been able to take advantage of this opportunity so far.

DraftKings Stays On Top Of NJ Sports Betting

Although the big hype after the launch of the sportsbook mobile app in NJ, DraftKings confirmed that the company will continue developing its fantasy sports online games.

Robins told CNN that they are happy with the constant growth of this business. The NJ sports betting feature was just the icing on the cake. The company won’t stop trying to change rules and make sports betting possible in even more states.

At the end of the day, DraftKings is not really in a hurry, because there is always room for improvement in the fantasy sports industry.