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Draftkings Sportsbook Surprises With A $500 First Bet Match Bonus

It’s Christmas season and NJ sports betting is not missing its share of holiday surprises. DraftKings Sportsbook wants everybody to join on the fun, so it more than doubled its first bet match bonus. The online sportsbook launched a $500 first bet match bonus – up from $200 originally. This allows newly registered players to double their first bet up to $500. That’s a potential for grandiose rewards right for Christmas.

DraftKings Sportsbook is no stranger to big bonuses. The sports betting platform has been leading the market in New Jersey thanks to offers like these and it is getting hard to keep up. Now that all major sports leagues are heating up for the final stretch, NJ sports betting fans have a lush variety options. NFL, NBA and NHL are all available in DraftKings.

If you haven’t yet tried DraftKings, it doesn’t get better than a $500 first bet match bonus. The promotion will run until January 21, 2019.

How Does DraftKings $500 First Bet Match Bonus Work?

The match bonus is available for all new registered accounts. If you don’t have a DraftKings account yet, go onto the DraftKings app and register.

Next, you need to fund your account with money. DraftKings makes it easy to use to charge your account – you can use a credit/debit card, bank transfer or even PayPal. Now that your account is setup and is loaded with funds, you can go ahead and place your first bet.

The bonus works by doubling your first wager up to $500. If you bet $100 – DraftKings Sportsbook will match you up with another $100. So, to get the maximum bonus, you have to bet a minimum of $500.

This may be a big leap for brand new players. However, experienced players that come over from another platform can use the first match bonus to score a big prize for Christmas.

DraftKings $500 Match Bet Rules

There are some additional details which you should note when setting up your account.

  • The first bet match bonus is only available for new players. Any new account must place their first bet within 30 days from registration.
  • After January 21, the $500 bonus will be reset to the default $200.
  • Rewards from the bonus are not taxed, however, they cannot be withdrawn by the players. Instead, they can be used to bet again, following which the rewards can be cashed out.

DraftKings has just begun offering casino style games, so we can’t see what they offer once they get into the NJ online casino mix.